Our Promises

Basson Blackburn Inc. is committed to understanding your objectives and providing excellent legal service in a way that is relevant to your needs.

We promise to:

Work efficiently, which means we shall:

  • communicate clearly with all parties at all times
  • agree in advance on the task at hand and stick to the guidelines during the process
  • ensure that lawyers with relevant experience are tasked to handle the various aspects of your case
  • refer you to another firm, should your requirements fall outside our area of expertise;

Make every effort to ensure that our fee estimates are fair, through:

  • providing accurate estimates by using established, structured methods
  • should the circumstances change during the process of handling your case, we shall communicate this to you at the earliest possible opportunity;

Ensure that our fee estimates are transparent, by:

  • providing a detailed breakdown at your request
  • passing on any third-party expenses, at cost.
  • You are the judge! If, at any time, you feel that we did not live up to this commitment, feel free to contact me so that we may remedy the situation in a mutually beneficial way.

Thank you for choosing Basson Blackburn Inc. as your legal partner in Paarl.


Deon Blackburn
Managing Director