Employees: Your New Rights to Paternity and Parental Leave

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one" (Psychologist Leo J Burke)


It has taken over a year of confusion and delay around when new changes will be implemented, but finally your extended rights to parental leave and to an Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) claim have fully commenced.

Here's an update/refresher -

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Can You Sue a Bad Investment Advisor? It depends...

"I always advise people never to give advice" (P. G. Wodehouse)

If you want to send shivers down the spine of any investor, mention "Steinhoff", or "Sharemax", or any one of the many other spectacular corporate collapses that have plagued both local and overseas investors in recent times.

Quite apart from the high-profile failures it's been a hard few years for investors generally, and if your nest egg has taken a painful tumble recently you may well wonder whether you can sue your financial advisor for giving you bad advice.

The short answer, as several recent cases have highlighted, is "It depends...".

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Before You Start a New Small Business in 2020 ...

"Just do it!" (Nike)

You and your fantastic business idea can't wait to chuck up the 9 to 5 job and launch your own new venture. 2020 here we come! But is this the right time to do it?

Of course no one knows for sure whether 2020 will see our economy glide happily into recovery mode or continue bumping along in the mud at the bottom. But one of the great things about starting a new small business is that it doesn't really matter. Provided, that is, that you plan carefully and remain agile and adaptive to whatever may come our way.

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