In Times of Great Change, Make Sure Your Will is Updated!

"Death always comes without knocking" (Margaret Atwood)

Particularly in these times of pandemic, deadly infections and uncertainty, no one can ever say with any confidence that we will still be alive tomorrow, or next month, or next year.

Now more than ever having a valid and updated will in place is no luxury to be attended to "when I have the time" or "when I am older".

The risk is that without a proper will (your "Final Will and Testament") you die "intestate", in which event the law and not you decides which of your heirs gets what from your estate. You have forfeited your right to ensure that your loved ones are properly looked after when you are gone. You have lost your right to decide how your assets will be distributed on your death. And you have no say in who will wind up your estate as Executor. Executing a valid will is the only way to avoid all that.

Then - just as importantly - once you have your will done and dusted, avoid the very common mistake of forgetting to update it regularly.

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Divorce in a Time of Lockdown - What Grounds Can You Rely On?

The National Lockdown has thrown together many couples not used to spending "24/7" time in each other's company. Relationships will have strengthened for many couples, but others will be struggling. The fears, anxieties and money worries now looming over us all certainly won't haven't helped.

If your marriage is one of those unfortunate ones that is foundering, counselling hasn't helped or won't help, and you have come to the decision that divorce is your only option, be aware that you need a formal court order before your divorce will be legally recognised.

Moreover our law does not recognise the concept of "legal/judicial separation" so if you decide to just physically separate without divorcing, you should take professional advice on drawing up a contract in the form of a "separation agreement". Normally this would be for a trial period but you could also agree to a longer-term separation.

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COVID-19: Small Businesses, Employment Laws, and Survival Support

"The secret of crisis management is not good vs. bad, it's preventing the bad from getting worse" (Andy Gilman)

We can only guess at how the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak will end, but let's all take whatever concrete steps we can right now to lessen its impact on our personal lives, on our businesses, and on our country.

One of those steps is for businesses to find ways of continuing to operate as normally as possible, given of course the exceptional times we are living through. And as employers, many businesses will find themselves facing some novel challenges, particularly during the ongoing National Lockdown...

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Property Sellers - Prepare for SPLUMA

Many factors can delay your property transfer, and all of them are likely to cost you.


A last-minute rush to comply with statutory requirements is one such pitfall to avoid. Beware therefore of the possibility that you will soon need (in some parts of the country you may already need), to lodge before transfer a formal "SPLUMA" (Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act) certificate of compliance. SPLUMA, without getting too technical, provides a framework for all provinces and municipalities to pass laws governing land use and development.

There is (at date of writing) some confusion over what is actually required, and although currently a formal certificate of compliance seems to be necessary in some municipal areas only, there is a suggestion that the requirement will apply everywhere by October 2020.

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Your Neighbour Builds Without Plans - Can You Get a Demolition Order?

"The primary remedy therefore is an order for removal of the structure" (extract from the judgment below)

What can you do if your neighbour has started (or finished) building without the necessary municipal approvals?

In a nutshell, our courts will very probably assist you with a demolition order, as a recent High Court decision around a long-running property encroachment illustrates.

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